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Everybody loves to be the master of their own design

Therefore, at Indian Summer Linen we are pleased to be able to offer you not just our range of entirely handcrafted linen, but also a bespoke design service.

Our products can be customised to meet your requirements, whether that is to add your own style to a room, to celebrate a special person or occasion, or to meet your unique sizing needs.

As with the production of all our linen, the process of handcrafting your bespoke design will take time. We estimate delivery in the vicinity of 4-6 weeks from order finalisation. Naturally bespoke designs have to be quoted on a per item basis which will be reflective of the complexity of your design requirements.

To discuss your 100% natural, 100% handcrafted and 100% bespoke linen needs please contact us.

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Bespoke Linen Image
Bespoke Linen Image