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17 May 2019

While some people believe the top bed sheet is necessary as a layer that keeps their duvet cover clean, others see it is an unnecessary expense that just ends up tangled at the bottom of the bed.  Whatever your thoughts are on the subject of bed linen, it seems some are quite passionate about it.




According to traditional European style bed linen, a duvet and a fitted bottom sheet is all a bed needs, while American style bed linen adds a flat top sheet in between.  While a lot of people believe the top sheet is unnecessary, others cannot sleep without it.  Many years ago all bed sheets were flat sheets, there was no such thing as a fitted sheet until in 1959 when the fitted sheet was patented by Bertha Berman.  This design took off and now can be found on most beds around the world.


Traditionally if only a fitted sheet is used, a duvet is the preferred topper because the duvet cover can easily be washed.  However when a top bed sheet is added, blankets and bedspreads that are harder to clean can be used because the top bed sheet acts as a hygienic buffer.  It is then unhygienic to sleep in a bed directly under the duvet without a top bed sheet?  It all depends on how often you wash your duvet cover.  Ultimately the decision comes down to a personal preference and what you are used to and how often you are willing to wash your bed linen.

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