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17 May 2019
ironing bed linens

Ironing cotton bed sheets is a hassle, but everyone loves slipping into clean, freshly ironed sheets.


Here are some tips to make ironing those cotton bed sheets easier.


  1. The easiest way is to start with damp bed sheets. Tumble dry your bed sheets and remove them while they are still damp, but not wet. This will help make smoothing out wrinkles easier


  1. Use starch – a starch spray will make your sheets feel crisp, but not stiff, it also helps to maintain their wrinkle-free state for longer



  1. Use a hot iron – using a high temperature will help get the wrinkles out. But test a small part of the cotton first; you don’t want to scorch the fabric. Always use a steam setting for your cotton


  1. Use water from a spray bottle for stubborn creases. While ironing spritz the problem area and spritz it out with your hands before ironing



  1. Fold the top sheet down to a manageable size by folding it in half or thirds, with the hem on your right or left side. Make sure you fold crosswise so the creases won’t show and work in sections, flattening the wrinkles with your hands as you go


  1. Tuck the fitted sheet – tuck one elasticized inside-out corner into the other, then secure over the end of the ironing board. Work in sections, similar to the top sheet.  Steer clear of the edges – the heat may cause damage to the elastic



Don’t forget the pillowcases. It may seem like a small thing but everyone loves resting their heads on a silky smooth pillowcases, it’s the perfect finishing touch

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