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26 March 2019
folded cot sheet

1. Hold the sheet lengthwise in your hands – Tuck your finger into the corner seams at the two far ends of the bed sheet. This means that you should now have a hand in the one of the "foot" corners and one of the "head" corners, on the same side. Make sure the bed sheet is inside out the whole way around (even in the corners you're not holding), with the label side facing away from your body

2. Fold one corner over the other – Bring the tips of your fingers together and flip one of the corners over the other, switching it to so it is facing right-side-out. Now you should have both corners on one hand

3. Take hold of the next corner – You should now have a short loop of the edge on one side of your arm and a long side on the other. Now place your fingers on the hem that is touching your arm (the lower of the two that you should have), and follow it down the long seam, until you reach the next corner of the sheet

4. Now tuck this corner – Pick up this section of the bed sheet and tuck it underneath the first two corners, you should now have the right side of the fabric touching the inside of the group you are holding

5. Take hold of the final corner – All of the corners at this point should now be folded together except one

6. Tuck this corner – This corner should now be placed underneath the three corners in your hand, so that the wrong side of the fabric is touching the inside of the group you are holding

7. Shake out the sheet – You should now have a long edge of the fitted fabric on one side of your arm and a short side on the other. Taking the short side fold or corner with your free hand, give the whole bed sheet a good shake – this will help to straighten it out. You are trying to form a square or rectangle with the sheet. The “L” of the fitted fabric will form two sides

8. Smooth out the sheet – Now lay the bed sheet down on a flat surface and smooth it out into a square. You might need to "pleat" the fitted corner in order to get it to lie flat. Smooth as many wrinkles as you can

9. Keeping the corners together - fold the sheet in a way that lines up with the border created by the fitted sections – This is likely be in thirds, but it may be in quarters, depending on the size of your bed sheet

10. Fold the sheet into thirds or quarters – The way you fold it will depend on your own preferences, the thickness of the fabric, and the size of the bed sheet

11. Straighten your fold – Straighten and tuck as you need to flatten the fabric. This will prevent wrinkles

12. Finished - You’re done!


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